TVBandit Antenna Review Scam or Legit Product

The main aim of our reviews is to provide a true picture of the antennas that we review so that the customer can make a right decision and do not fall for claims. There is another antenna which has been making its way into all of our mails and online portal. We are talking about TVBandit. People have raised questions such as, Is TVBandit for real? Does it work best in comparison to other antennas? Is TVBandit the best antenna in the market?

TVBandit cost just $89.99 and it has claimed to replace the cable and satellite television services. There are no contracts and no other costs to be paid by the customer. TVBandit is an indoor TV antenna that works to provide free television.

It is a small razor thin antenna that only weighs 12ounces. Hence it can be placed discreetly without anyone noticing it. The range of this antenna is 30miles and work well with just few obstructions. It comes along with a 10foot long coaxial cable.

One of the specialty of the antenna is that it can pick up signals from multiple directions hence making the positioning easier. The setup is simple. Once you place it at the right spot it can be up and running in just few minutes’ time. After placement, you feel that the signal range is lacking then try to add the amplifier for boosting the signal. The amplifier than further expands the signal picking range to 50 miles or more.

Once the setup is done, scan for channels to see the number of channels that you receiving. With fewer obstructions and optimal placement, you should be receiving most of the local channels that include, movies, entertainment shows, news, cookery, weather and much more. If you plan to watch Game of Thrones, then you would be disappointed. HBO and other premium channels are not available through any antennas.

These are basically paid channels for which you would need to pay a subscription amount separately and access them. The channels that are made available through TVBandit would include, ABC, PBS, CW, CBS, Fox and many more. If you need any other channels, then probably the online streaming services is a great option in addition to TV antennas. You can sign up for any of the streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and so on.

TVBandit allows you to save the money which otherwise you would have spent on the monthly cable or satellite bills. We cut the cord recently and this antenna helped us save those extra bucks. It provided access to most of the local channels absolutely free of cost. So, this isn’t a bad tradeoff.

TVBandit provides 1080p crystal clear picture quality. Hence you can view some of the channels coming from the broadcasters in high definition. The other local channels would be available in the standard definition. Overall, we can say that TVBandit is a legitimate product and there is no scam about it. The setup is straightforward with great picture quality. The number of channels that you receive would depend on the other factors.