TV Radius Antenna Review 2019

There is a lot of thinking and planning that needs to be carried out before you cut the cord. TV Viewers often worry whether they would get to watch their favourite series once they cut the cord. But with the television antennas flooding the market, there should no longer be any fear of cutting the cord. Every new day, we see ads of a new antenna company all over the market and online.

The ads of TV Radius are coming up everywhere wherein they have claimed the antenna to deliver high definition TV and a discreet model. This made me wonder, what is so special about this antenna. TV Radius claims to provide free television to everyone. Surely, there was a need to see how true are their claims and how can it beat other antennas.

TV Radius has a lot of features that surely you cannot miss out on. It has been referred to as “the top choice for an indoor TV.” TV Radius covers a range of 30 miles. Within this range, the antenna can pick up most of the channels with ease if there are no other obstructions. However, if there is a need then you can purchase an amplifier that can further extend the range to picking up signals upto 50miles.

TV Radius just weighs 86grams which means it is quite lightweight and small. When it is this small, then it becomes easier to hang or place the antenna anywhere. It can be hung on to the wall or near the window without the fear of it falling down. Due to its small look, the antenna can be discreetly placed behind a picture frame, under the cabinets, or behind the TV.

This antenna is a multidirectional one, which means that the placement should also not be a bigger issue. You probably would not need to carry out too many adjustments about the location. However, there would still be a need to get that one right spot for your antenna so that you should not have any problems later.

The setup of the antenna was a bit tedious when compared to the other antennas. But how can we forget that it provides free television so this can be overlooked. As per the claims of the company, they guarantee a clear reception and also they claim that lot of variable can impact the programming quality. This statement is surely true.

 As per the company claims, you can receive 90 out of 100 channels. Though this number seems to be a bit too much. But we can say for sure that you would be able to receive more than 40 channels if all variables are taken into consideration. You would be able to watch host of local channels such as news, weather, movies, cookery, entertainment shows and much more.

It also supports 1080p which means that you can receive crystal clear picture on your screen. Major broadcasting networks such as, ABC, Fox, NBC and CBS are available in HD whereas some of the local broadcasts are still available in standard definition. TV Radius is a good product but it does not include an amplifier. Also it is expensive when compared to other models. You can get other products with similar features and affordable pricing.