The rising cable prices has weighed a lot on the common man’s family budget. This amount seems to be rising with no stopping it. This is the time to get yourself free from these monthly rentals and get a revolutionary product that can offer free TV.

The TV Fix antenna claims to provide its viewers 90 out of 100 channels absolutely free of cost. But is this claim true or is it just a sham?

The availability of channels is completely dependent on your location. You may not receive all of the 90 channels. Some of the channels may be available in certain locations whereas some may not. But you get a ton of free movies and shows to be entertained.

TV Fix antenna is an indoor TV antenna which is already giving tough competition to its competitors. The pricing of this antenna is quite reasonable. You get a great product at just a fraction of cost. Two TV Fix antennas are available for $27.50.

The antenna comes along with a coaxial cable which is 15cm and a euro adaptor. All you would need to do is plug in the antenna cable and you are good to go ahead and watch free TV. The installation is quite simple. But you may need to pay special attention to the placement. TV Fix is a multidirectional antenna hence the placement may not be a bigger issue.

Broadcasting towers are located all over the place for broadcasting channels to our home. These can be at a distance of 10miles or so. At times, certain towers are even 50 miles away. Depending on the region where you reside, the location of the tower would vary accordingly. Hence it would be a fun part to get the correct placement of the antenna to catch the strongest signal. Ideally you can place the antenna high on the wall or near the window so that it can easily pick up signals.

Once you find the correct placement, carry out a scan and then check if all the channels are being made available. Probably, you may need to carry out a trial and error to get most of the channels.

It covers a range of 30miles and also there is an amplifier that can further extend the range to 50miles to pick up more signals. Since it is one of the best HD antenna, you can receive 1080p HD channels. Isn’t this the best way of watching free TV without the need for paying those monthly rentals.

You also receive a lot of other features provided by the company without any additional cost. One of the only downside of this antenna is that it does not support 4K. The 4K technology is a futuristic one which is a bit high priced and only available for selected channels. Currently none of those channels are available for free. However, some years down the line, 4K channels would also be available through the broadcasting tower.

For now, we can say that TV Fix is a great indoor antenna at an affordable price.