There has been a lot of things heard and seen regarding Octa Air. They are potentially changing the way; one is viewing television. Their ads are quite catchy especially when they claim to provide 90 out of 100 channels free of cost.

With the rising cost of cable charges, you probably do not even want to look at the bills. They rise my temperature. Hence for the betterment I have though to forget about cable to switch to a better option, TV antennas.

With TV antennas, you get top rated channels absolutely free of cost. It is all a one-time investment with no need for paying any hidden charges. Everything is clear in terms of money. Also there is no crazy rise in price on a monthly basis.

Octa Air can stream 1080p format from the nearest broadcasting tower on to your television units. An indoor TV antenna, it has some great features on offering. It covers a range of 50km. The design of this model is sleek and classy. It can blend well with any home décor. This model is available in black color and can be easily hidden behind your TV unit. Razor thin antenna weighs just 86grams. That’s too small to be even called as an antenna.

This antenna can be placed on the wall or near the window. You can also place it behind any furniture or under the cabinets. With the 50km coverage, it is more than enough to reach out to the nearest broadcasting tower. If you are lucky then it can pick up signals from more than one tower at a time. However, you may need to play around with the placement of antenna to get the right position. Try scanning the channels after each placement.

Installation of Octa Air is quick and easy. Just plug it on to your television unit and you are good to go ahead. It is that fast. The setup would not take more than 5 minutes once you get the placement right. The next question is, whether you would get 90 out of 100 channels?

Well, this depends on your location and other factors. But surely you can receive most of your favourite channels including live sports, news, weather, television shows and movies.

Note that you would not receive any premium channels. This is the case with any antennas. To view premium channels, you may need to subscribe for it separately. But most of the top broadcasting channels such as, ABC, Fox, CW, PBS, etc are all available through Octa Air.

Isn’t that a great deal to be grabbed quickly. The shipping is not superfast but surely you would receive your product once the booking is done. The company only offers discounts when you purchase multiple units. There is no discount on single unit.

Overall Octa Air has really worked well and its design has won hearts. An antenna that does not take too much space and at the same time has great offering is one of the best choice.

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